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Social Security Disability Questions:

  • What qualifies you as being disabled?
  • How do I know if I am eligible to qualify?
  • What are the work requirements?
  • What are some the reasons my claim may be denied?

You are severely hurt. You are sick. You cannot work. Do you qualify for Social Security disability? “Disability under Social Security for an adult is based on your inability to work because of a medical condition,” according to the Social Security Administration. This means you cannot work, period. Social Security only pays for full disability, not partial or short-term disability. The three main qualifying factors to consider are:

1) The inability to continue to perform work at your job

2) You are not able to perform work at all

3) You are or are expected to be disabled for 12 months or more.

There are several types of disabilities that may qualify you collect social security disability. While some of the following conditions may automatically qualify you for social security disability, most others are subject to a judge’s ruling. There are many loopholes that could lead to you being denied your benefits. A social security disability lawyer can assess your medical condition and work requirements to help you provide the adequate proof of illness.

A Few Conditions Covered by Social Security Disability:

Respiratory system categories include chronic pulmonary insufficiency such as asthma, cystic fibrosis, pneumoconiosis, bronchiectasis, sleep-related breathing disorders and lung transplants. In all cases, you must be receiving on-going treatment for your particular disorder.

Immune system disorders are a vast variety of dysfunctions that effect your ability to fight illness. The dysfunction may be due to problems in antibody production, impaired cell mediated immunity, a combined type of antibody/cellular deficiency, impaired phagocytes, or complement deficiency. These disorders usually present with numerous or unusual infections, inflammation, fever, fatigue and pain. Some of the most common immune system disorders are lupus, HIV and inflammatory arthritis.

Cardiovascular system diseases refer to dysfunctions of the heart or circulatory system. Specific diseases include chronic heart failure, recurrent arrhythmias, congenital heart disease and heart transplant.

Mental disorders are evaluated based on medical documentation. Impairments falling under this category include schizophrenic paranoid and other psychotic disorders, mental retardation, and anxiety-related disorders.

Children under the age of 18 are also eligible for Social Security disability. The list of diseases is very similar to those of adults. Impairments are evaluated by a different set of criteria than that for adults. Growth impairment is one of the additional diseases included for children.

For a full listing of all disabling conditions deemed official by the Social Security Administration, visit their website, or contact our experienced lawyers, at 325-437-3311.

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