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Avandia was formulated to treat various types of diabetes. The drug it a diabetic management tool designed to control of blood sugar by increasing the body’s sensitivity to insulin. It is estimated that in the United States alone there are currently over six million Avandia users.

The potentially harmful drug Avandia is now being investigated due to the strong link to Liver Failure, Macular Edema, Stroke, Heart Attack, Heart Related Death, Bone Fractures, and Congestive Heart Failure.

Researchers reviewed data from extensive clinical trials involving over 25,000 Avandia users and have found the drug to increase in the risk of a heart related death by 64%. This diabetes medication Avandia was formulated and produced to take the place of Rezulin. This is a similar medication drug pulled from the market in 2000 after being linked to severe liver failure. Safety concerns and side effects that have been associated with Avandia are serious. In addition to these serious side effects, several other risk factors associated with consuming Avandia include severe headaches, weight gain, sinus inflammation, fluid retention, cardiac arrest, and disabling back pain.

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