When to Contest a Ticket with a San Angelo Traffic Attorney

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Some traffic tickets you know you deserved. You were definitely speeding, or you were in too much of a hurry to really stop at the stop sign. Paying the ticket and getting on with your life is the logical thing to do. But then, there are other times when contesting the ticket might be the most beneficial thing to do in your situation. Here are a few times when you might consider hiring a San Angelo traffic attorney to help you fight a traffic ticket.

Hire a San Angelo traffic attorney if you face multiple tickets.

One ticket might not be a big deal. Multiple tickets, however, mean multiple points on your driver’s license and may even lead to the suspension or revocation of your license. Even just 4 moving violations in a year can be enough to lose your license. When you face steep fines, high auto insurance fees, and the potential loss of your license, it is time to hire a San Angelo traffic attorney to help you mitigate the effects of your tickets.

Hire a San Angelo traffic attorney for serious violations.

A speeding ticket might add a couple points to your license and put you out some fines. In many cases, a single speeding ticket is, therefore, not worth hiring legal representation to contest. However, there are other, more serious, infractions that can have more serious consequences. Whenever you are accused of being at fault in an accident, passing a school bus, consistently driving negligently, or other serious violations, you may want to hire a San Angelo traffic attorney to help you manage the potential consequences of these violations.

Hire a San Angelo traffic attorney when you know you are innocent.

Being unfairly accused of something you did not do will make anyone angry. And even if the consequence seems small, the principle of the matter may sometimes be enough to warrant hiring a San Angelo traffic attorney. If you know you were innocent, legal representation can help you successfully contest your ticket. Maybe you were not really speeding, or maybe the stop sign was overgrown by bushes. Whatever the case, your lawyer can help your case to be heard fairly.

Consult with a San Angelo traffic attorney if you are unsure if you should contest a ticket.

Sometimes, you may be unsure whether it is worth it to contest a traffic ticket. Maybe you feel like you have some arguments on your side, but you do not know if they will be enough in court. A San Angelo traffic attorney can consult with you and help you decide if you have a chance to successfully contest your ticket.

Here at the Law Offices of David M. White, we provide free consultations for individuals who need to know if it is worth it to contest their ticket. We will also help you navigate multiple tickets, serious violations, and times when you know you were in the right. Do not hesitate to reach out to us for help with your traffic ticket questions.

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