Do You Need an Abilene Criminal Defense Lawyer for a Misdemeanor?

February 1, 2019 | By David M. White
Do You Need an Abilene Criminal Defense Lawyer for a Misdemeanor?

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor, you may feel confident in handling the case yourself, because you feel as if misdemeanors are minor crimes that carry minor punishments. However, misdemeanors can be far more serious than many people realize, especially if you are trying to represent yourself. Here are just a few reasons to consider hiring an Abilene criminal defense lawyer when you face a misdemeanor charge.

Hire an Abilene criminal defense lawyer because misdemeanors can carry serious consequences.

Usually, people hire a criminal defense lawyer because they fear the consequences of a conviction and want to avoid or minimize that punishment. They often avoid hiring this type of professional for misdemeanors because they feel that the consequences cannot possibly be serious enough to warrant professional support in handling their case.

The reality, however, is that misdemeanors can carry serious consequences. In Texas, for example, a class A misdemeanor (including certain DWI charges and certain drug possession charges) can result in a jail term of up to one year. Other types of misdemeanor charges can carry stiff fines and community service.

In addition, misdemeanor convictions often show up on your criminal record and may show up in background checks. As a result, even this type of “minor” conviction can add a social stigma that prevents you from getting jobs or getting into certain schools or training programs.

With jail time, your reputation, and your future on the line, you do not want to handle these types of charges on your own. Instead, an Abilene criminal defense lawyer can offer you the support you need to avoid or minimize these potentially serious consequences.

Having legal representation is a constitutional right for Americans. It may also be a requirement if you end up going to trial for a misdemeanor charge. While you can ask to represent yourself, the court may ask you to prove your understanding of the court system and your ability to defend yourself. A failure to do so may result in the court ordering you to have legal representation.

At times like this, you will want to hire an Abilene criminal defense lawyer rather than rely on a public defender. When you hire your own lawyer, you can ensure that you get someone who is experienced in handling your type of case and who has the time to devote to getting you the most favorable result possible.

An Abilene criminal defense lawyer can help you expunge your record later.

If you happen to face a misdemeanor charge, you will not want that conviction to remain on your record permanently. In some cases, Texas allows criminal records to be expunged. You may want to hire an Abilene criminal defense lawyer to explore this possibility for any charges you have faced and/or been convicted of.

An Abilene criminal defense lawyer can be a valuable resource when facing a misdemeanor charge. Thanks to the serious consequences these charges bring, your need for legal representation in court, and the possibility of record expungement later, you will want an experienced professional on your side. Do not hesitate to reach out to the Law Offices of David M. White to find this professional. We can bring our experience, knowledge, and skills to bear on your case in order to ensure the most favorable outcome possible.

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