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CDL Ticket Lawyers – Serving Sonora, TX

CDL Ticket Lawyers – Serving Sonora, TX.  Call us today at 325-437-3311.  Don’t just pay your citation–we can help keep it off your record!

CDL Ticket Lawyers Serving Sonora TX

Court’s Contact Information:

To get information directly from the Court, click here for the Sonora Justice of the Peace Court’s web page.  The Court is located at 309 E Oak St., Sonora, Texas 76950.

Our Contact Information:

Phone: 325-437-3311

Free: 855-437-3311

Fax: 325-437-3312

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Our Firm:

The CDL ticket lawyers at our firm have handled hundreds of tickets in Sonora, Texas and the surrounding area.  We represent commercial drivers (CDL) and regular drivers for all types of citations including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Speeding Tickets
  • Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility (No Insurance)
  • Driving While License Invalid
  • Unsafe Speed
  • Alcohol Violations
  • School / Construction Zone Tickets
  • Past Due Tickets and Warrants
  • Overweight Violations
  • Truck Route Violations
  • And much more…

Benefit of Hiring Using Our CDL Ticket Lawyers:

  • We offer a money-back guarantee!  Because we have handled so many tickets in Sonora, we have a strong sense of what the results will be.  While we are not able to guarantee a specific result, if we are unable to negotiate a deal to keep the points off your license, we will refund your attorney fees.  Please note that the Court will require payment of a fee for any such deal.  This fee is NOT included in our attorney’s fees.
  • You will not have to appear in Court.  In almost all of the cases we handle, we will be able to negotiate a deal without you ever having to appear in court.
  • We are very easy to work with and will be happy to help you!


If you simply pay the citation, it operates as a change of plea meaning you will be convicted of the citation.  This could result in points being added to your driver’s license and, in some cases, sur charges and driver’s license suspensions being assessed.  Hiring a CDL ticket lawyer will work to your benefit.

If you have been charged with Driving While License Invalid (DWLI), do not just pay the citation.  In Texas, if you are convicted of DWLI, you will face additional suspensions.  In some cases the additional suspension is up to two years.  It is imperative that you fight this type of citation.  The CDL Ticket Lawyers at our firm are adept at preventing convictions in these types of cases.

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Call us at: 325-437-3311 or 855-437-3311.

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