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DWI Attorney – San Angelo, TX

DWI Attorney San Angelo, TX – Proudly Serving Tom Green County.  Call us today at 325-437-3311. Se habla español.

DWI Attorney San Angelo, TX  – WE FIGHT DUIs IN SAN ANGELO

San Angelo DWI Attorney David M. White loves defending DUI cases. Many attorneys accept DWI / DUI cases as a sideline. DWI defense is one of our firm’s primary practice areas. We will do everything we can to get your case dismissed.  If you’re looking for a DWI Attorney San Angelo, Texas, please call us today.  We will be happy to help.


  • You only have 15 days from your DUI arrest to keep your driver’s license from being suspended.
  • We will fight the suspension your license at no additional charge.
  • You are NOT automatically guilty because you took a breath or blood test.
  • If your license is suspended, we can get you an occupational driver’s license that will give you the right to drive.
  • There is an art to defending DWI cases.
  • You need the best San Angelo DWI attorney to help minimize the impact your DUI will have.
  • Free Initial Consultation: We will be happy to talk to you about your case before you pay us anything.


  • DWI Attorney David White has handled hundreds of DWI cases in San Angelo and the surrounding areas.
  • He is highly knowledgeable about all aspects of DUI defense.
  • Many of the DUI cases we have handled are much more serious than yours.
  • We have successfully handled DWI cases involving serious injuries and multiple prior DUI convictions.


The first issue you will face is your Notice of Suspension.  Local law enforcement usually leaves a copy of this notice for you at the jail.  The original notice is then submitted to DPS.  This is called an Administrative License Revocation (ALR).  If you call us within 15 days of your arrest, we will file an ALR appeal for you at no additional charge (i.e. fight your license suspension).

The potential periods of suspension are as follows:

  • Breath or Blood Test Refusal – 180 days
  • Breath or Blood Test Failure – 90 days
  • Longer suspension periods may apply if you have prior ALR contacts

*Note: it is almost always best to refuse a breath/blood test if you are stopped for DWI.  If you are reading this, odds are, you have already taken a breath test.  Do not be alarmed!  While it is a good thing to refuse a breath or blood test, it is not the end of the world if you took one.  A good DWI lawyer can still help you get a great result for your case.


If your driver’s license has been suspended, we can obtain an occupational/essential needs license for you that will give you the right to drive for work-related reasons for essential household functions (driving to and from school, doctor’s appointments, the grocery store, etc.).

If your license is suspended for an alcohol related reason, you need to obtain an occupational driver’s license ASAP.  If you are stopped for driving while license invalid (DWLI), you can be arrested and face extended periods of suspension if convicted (up to two years in some cases).  If you have been charged with DWLI, do not pay the citation or plea guilty to the offense!  Call a DWI lawyer first.


You can hire one of the best San Angelo DWI lawyers for a fee that is reasonable and affordable. We offer flexible payment plans.  Just give us a call.  We will be happy to work with you.


DUI Attorney David White has a friendly staff that will be happy to help you. We are dedicated to providing superior results while providing the best possible customer service throughout the course of your representation.

Remember: We are here to help.

Call us at: 325-437-3311 or 855-437-3311.

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