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How Do I Know if I am Eligible to Qualify?

To determine if you are disabled under the SSA’s definition there are a few requirements related to physical ability to work and your medical history.

If you are working and your earnings average more than $980 a month, you will likely be considered able to support yourself. Next, your disability has to directly affect basic work-related functions. If this is true for you, the next step is to know if your disability is found in the list of qualifying conditions on the SSA website. The SSA has provided a list of medical conditions that are so severe they automatically qualify for benefits. If your condition is not on the list you must then prove your condition is of equal severity to a medical condition that is on the list. If you are able to justify this the next thing to look at is whether or not it interferes with your ability to do the job you were doing when or directly you filed your claim. If it does, they will want ample amounts of indisputable proof that you cannot perform the same kind of work you did AND are not able to adjust to another type of work. Your medical condition, age, education, past work experience, and any skills you may have are considered.

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