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The Social Security Administration

Types of Benefits

The Social Security Administration provides three types of benefits for the federal government including disability, retirement, and survivors’ benefits. These programs are funded by tax contributions made by employees. When a worker becomes disabled they may have the right to disability benefits based on requirements set by the Social Security Administration. If the claim is approved, they and their families receive a set monthly income based on overall earning contributions. Many Americans currently benefit from Social Security, but a large percentage of claimants are turned down. There are several reasons why disabled workers may be denied benefits. To be considered for disability eligibility certain requirements must be met. The most important requirements set by the SSA are the work requirements.

The Appeals Process

When a Social Security disability claim has been denied, the claimant then has to file an appeal. The appeals process requires extensive and current medical history documentation. Studies show that almost 65 percent of initial claims are denied due to simple filing errors. Social Security disability benefits may be recovered by filing an appeal within 60 days of being turned down. There are four levels in the appeals process. First is the reconsideration, which can be done by the claimant themselves or a legal advisor such as an attorney. This step is necessary, but unfortunately the success rate is low. If the initial decision is not overturned, the next step is a hearing where the case is reviewed by an administrative law judge. The presence of an attorney at this level can help increase a claimant’s odds of a favorable outcome. Should the claimant be denied, another appeal can be heard by an Appeals Council.

Social Security Disability Insurance

Social Security Disability Insurance is the primary kind of Social Security disability benefits offered by the government. This program pays benefits to individuals who are unable to work for at least one year due to disability. Social Security provides a means for injured and disabled workers to support themselves until they are able to recover and return to work.

Social Security Disability lawyer David M. White will help you understand the application process and will appeal the denial of your disability claim. He can guide you through each step of the appeals process. He and his staff are ready to help with a free disability evaluation. Having reliable legal representation may be the best answer to getting the help you need.

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