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How a San Angelo Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Assist with Misdemeanor Charges

Misdemeanor charges typically lack the scary reputation that felony charges carry. However, do not be fooled by their “lesser” status. Even misdemeanor convictions can carry serious, lifelong consequences.

Before you dismiss a misdemeanor charge as no big deal, you may want to consider hiring a San Angelo criminal defense lawyer. This professional can offer you a number of services to make your misdemeanor charge more manageable.


A San Angelo criminal defense lawyer can help you minimize the consequences of a conviction.

Misdemeanor convictions most often carry fines and/or community service. However, some Class A charges (such as certain DWI offenses and drug possession charges) can carry jail terms of up to one year.

Fines can leave you financially strapped, while jail time can seriously impact your life and your ability to find or keep a job. The social stigma that comes with having a record can also prevent you from finding a job, enrolling in school, or doing other things with your life.

A San Angelo criminal defense lawyer can help by using their expertise and knowledge to minimize the consequences you face. Whether they achieve this goal by finding new evidence, ensuring your rights are protected, negotiating a deal, or standing up for you in court, their assistance can be invaluable in enjoying a more favorable outcome for your case.


A San Angelo criminal defense lawyer can offer trial expertise.

In the event that your misdemeanor case goes to court, you may benefit from the aggressive representation of a San Angelo criminal defense lawyer. While you may be allowed to defend yourself in court (though this is not always guaranteed), you may lack the knowledge and experience necessary to do so effectively.

Your attorney, on the other hand, has years of experience in the local court system. Our lawyer is known within the court system and can provide specialized knowledge as well as legal expertise to defend you effectively at your trial. As a result, using a lawyer may help you avoid a conviction or minimize the consequences of a misdemeanor conviction.


A San Angelo criminal defense lawyer can help you expunge your record.

In addition, a San Angelo criminal defense lawyer may be able to help you expunge your record of your arrest and/or conviction. Under certain circumstances, expungement is possible within Texas. Your lawyer’s expertise and knowledge can help you successfully pursue this option if it applies to you, making it easier to get on with your life after your misdemeanor charge.

If you face a misdemeanor charge, a San Angelo criminal defense lawyer can help. Do not hesitate to reach out to the Law Offices of David M. White to find out how we can help your case.

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