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THC oil Possession Charges

THC Oil Possession, Marijuana, and Criminal Lawyers in San Angelo, TX: What You Need to Know

When you think of marijuana possession, you may think of misdemeanors and probation rather than serious jail time. However, possession of marijuana concentrates, like THC oil, are taken much more seriously in Texas, and you may need criminal lawyers in San Angelo, TX, to deal with them. Here are the main differences between THC oil and marijuana when it comes to Texas law, and why you may need criminal lawyers in San Angelo, TX, if you face THC oil possession charges.


THC oil possession vs. marijuana possession is a matter of felony vs. misdemeanor.

Marijuana possession might not make you jump up to call a criminal lawyer, even though it might be a good idea. However, charges of THC oil possession really should have you looking up the best criminal lawyers in San Angelo, TX (Don’t forget to check with the Law Offices of David M. White). Why? Because while marijuana possession charges are misdemeanors up until four ounces, THC oil possession is always considered a felony in Texas. This more serious charge, therefore, can lead to serious jail time.


THC oil possession usually carries jail time; marijuana possession does not.

Being convicted of possession of marijuana does not automatically mean jail time. In fact, if you are convicted of possessing less than four ounces of the substance, you will face no more than a year in jail and $4,000 in fines.

However, a conviction of THC oil possession will earn you up to 2 years in prison (and $10,000 in fines). Those penalties? They apply to possession of up to an ounce of the substance. Conviction of possessing more than an ounce can earn you even more time in prison.

Thanks to these stiff prison penalties, you may want criminal lawyers in San Angelo, TX, to help you navigate THC oil possession charges. These lawyers can help you minimize or avoid the jail time that you will otherwise face.


THC oil possession can carry stiff penalties for small amounts.

You don’t generally face serious penalties for marijuana possession until the amount you are charged with possessing exceeds four ounces. However, THC oil possession is a felony even if you are charged with possessing less than an ounce of the substance. That means that the stiffer penalties discussed above apply no matter how little THC oil you are found in possession of.

As a result, criminal lawyers in San Angelo, TX, may be helpful in dealing with charges of THC oil possession. A criminal lawyer can help you fight charges of THC possession, even if you are only charged with possessing a small amount.

Do not make the mistake of taking THC oil possession charges lightly. Instead, hire criminal lawyers in San Angelo, TX, to help you face these charges successfully. If you need criminal lawyers in San Angelo, TX, to help you fight THC oil possession charges, do not hesitate to reach out to the Law Offices of David M. White. We can aggressively pursue a favorable outcome for your THC oil possession case.

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