How to Get Drug Possession Charges Dropped in San Angelo

April 25, 2024 | By David M. White
How to Get Drug Possession Charges Dropped in San Angelo

In the state of Texas, drug possession can have a lasting effect on your life. The fines are high, and you can even serve time in jail depending on the type and amount of drugs involved.

If you're facing this situation, always take the matter seriously. Immediately hiring an experienced drug defense lawyer in San Angelo is the best way to increase your chances of getting your charges reduced or dropped. The right defense attorney will know strategies to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

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How Lawyers Can Improve the Outcome of a Drug Possession Case

How To Get Drug Possession Charges Dropped In San Angelo

Let's look at how a lawyer can help get charges dropped or reduced.

Lawyers will check if the police had reasonable suspicion to stop you in the first place. Did the police have probable cause to search your vehicle or person? If not, the prosecutor may drop the charges. When stopped and searched, law enforcement must follow certain protocols. Disregarding these protocols invalidates the evidence.

Analyzing the Search Warrant

Lawyers will meticulously review every page of the search warrant to ensure consistency in the acquisition of drugs. If inconsistencies exist, authorities may drop the charges.

Breaking the Chain of Custody

Drug evidence must always be stored and handled properly to keep everything valid in court. A lawyer will check for improper handling. The court may dismiss the charges if they discover issues along these lines.

Investigating the Lab Testing Process

A criminal defense attorney San Angelo will also check how crime labs tested seized substances. Errors or bad protocols will call into question the accuracy of the lab results.

Negotiating with Prosecutors

There's always room for negotiation with prosecutors, especially when it involves first-time offenders or cases with very minimal amounts of drugs.

Identifying Mitigating Circumstances 

A lawyer will comb through every detail of your life to find things that might sway the judge in your favor. If there are certain background facts about you or your situation, a lawyer will use them to argue for a more lenient sentence.

A criminal defense lawyer may argue that you didn't know about the drugs in your car, or they'll show that the drugs weren't yours.

Challenging a Confidential Informant

When a case involves someone who snitched on you, lawyers will look for reasons why they can lie or if there's anything sketchy about them. If so, your lawyer will argue to exclude any evidence obtained based on this information from the court. This action can lead to dropping the charges.

Filing Pre-Trial Motions

Motions are like mini lawsuits within a lawsuit that lawyers use as weapons against the prosecution. These motions can make the prosecutor's whole case flimsy and weak, making it even easier for your lawyer to get a dismissal.

Preparing for Trial

To proceed with your defense, your lawyer will determine whether or not you wish to take the case through trial. If yes, they're going all out from here.

Drug Possession

They'll investigate every aspect of the crime and interview everyone - from witnesses to professionals in different industries.

They'll gather as much information as possible to build a strong case supporting your innocence.

The strength of the evidence against you will always come into play, as will your San Angelo criminal defense attorney's experience. You need a lawyer who can present the strongest case possible in your defense if you go to court.

Why It's Always Better to Work with a Drug Defense Attorney

There are several compelling reasons for you to enlist a lawyer's services as soon as possible if you are accused of drug possession.

  • Lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience in assessing the complex web of drug laws, penalties, and legal procedures in Texas criminal courts.
  • An attorney understands how the criminal system works and can provide valuable insights regarding your options, including trial or pleading guilty.
  • Defense lawyers protect their client's constitutional rights, ensuring proper procedures during arrests, searches, interrogations, and court proceedings.
  • Attorneys can identify any rights violations and will work to suppress improperly obtained evidence. They will challenge unlawful actions by law enforcement officials as well.
  • Lawyers have the experience and knowledge to critically evaluate the prosecution's evidence against their client, looking for weaknesses, inconsistencies, or issues with the chain of custody or testing procedures.
  • Experienced drug possession attorneys can identify potential defenses or grounds for dismissal that an individual may overlook.
  • Defense lawyers are skilled negotiators and can often work with prosecutors to seek reduced charges or favorable plea bargain arrangements. This can result in lesser penalties - like probation, diversion programs, or alternative sentencing options, which will not be possible without representation.
  • If a case goes to trial, lawyers can mount an effective defense – they have the knowledge and experience required to cross-examine witnesses, present evidence, and present arguments for dismissal.
  • In the event of a conviction, an attorney can advocate for more lenient sentences.
  • By presenting mitigating circumstances and character references, an attorney can argue alternatives to incarceration when appropriate.
  • A lawyer will argue on your behalf if there are grounds for appeal after a conviction. They can have a conviction overturned or have your case reheard.
  • What you discuss with a lawyer is confidential and protected through attorney-client privilege.

When you work with legal counsel, you can face your drug possession charges more objectively. You have more of a chance to realize better results after your arrest. That's why it's important to carefully review your choices when selecting an attorney. Make sure they have handled cases similar to yours.

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If you've been charged with drug possession in San Angelo, seeking defense representation is crucial. A drug possession lawyer can provide guidance tailored to your case, explain your rights, and guide you as you navigate the legal process.

Don't delay—schedule a consultation to discuss your situation and explore your options for defense. This can reduce a drug possession charge’s effect on your future and increase the chances of having your case dropped altogether.

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