Drug Possession Charges in San Angelo, TX: What You Need to Know

August 1, 2018 | By David M. White
Drug Possession Charges in San Angelo, TX: What You Need to Know

Drug possession is not always fully understood, even by individuals who are facing these kinds of charges. Often, people assume that if they have been charged with drug possession, they are automatically guilty and must accept the penalties imposed by the court.

The reality, however, is that drug charges are not an automatic guilty sentence, nor are they unbeatable. A qualified San Angelo criminal defense lawyer can help you to build a defense that aggressively defends your rights. Here are the biggest things you need to know about drug possession charges in San Angelo.

Drug Possession Charges Can Severely Impact Your Life.

Sometimes, it can be tempting to dismiss drug charges as unimportant annoyances, simply because they are very common. For example, there are more arrests for drug abuse than for any other reason every year in the United States. However, their frequency does not make their impact any less potentially devastating for those facing them.

For example, possessing certain drugs, such as cocaine, can carry sentences of up to life in prison. However, even more minor charges can carry prison sentences and fines. In addition, convictions of drug charges can interfere with your ability to get or keep a job or engage in other pursuits. Drug possession charges can have lifetime consequences.

Drug Possession Charges Have Multiple Defense Options.

This potential impact is one reason that finding a skilled San Angelo criminal defense lawyer to defend you against drug possession charges is so important. And the good news is that there are defenses that you can make against these types of charges. They do not have to result in an automatic guilty verdict.

For example, we here at the Law Offices of David M. White know that many times, clients are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. In these situations, you may be able to argue that the drugs were not in your possession, or that you simply were not aware of their existence. Other potential defenses include the following:

  • The violation of your rights: If your right to not have your property searched or seized without a warrant or just cause was violated, your San Angelo criminal defense lawyer can argue that the evidence is inadmissible in court.
  • The violation of the chain of evidence: Similarly, if the chain of evidence is broken, you may be to able to mount a defense based on inconclusive or inadmissible evidence.
  • The substance is not a controlled substance: Sometimes, certain substances may look like drugs but not be controlled substances or you may have been using the substance in accordance with legal uses.

A San Angelo Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You Reach a Good Outcome.

Because drug possession charges can have lifelong consequences, and because there are defenses to be made against these kinds of charges, it is important to hire a San Angelo criminal defense attorney to help you.

This professional will have the experience and skill to understand your case and pursue the best defense for you. For example, here at the Law Offices of David M. White, we aggressively defend your rights and pursue a favorable outcome, even if we have to do it in court. From negotiating plea deals to getting charges dismissed, we use our expertise to get you the best possible ending to your case.

By understanding the seriousness of drug possession charges, understanding what defenses are available to you, and using the services of a skilled lawyer, you can confront drug possession charges in an effective way.

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