Drug Possession Charges: How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

August 1, 2018 | By David M. White
Drug Possession Charges: How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

Being arrested and charged with drug possession can be a scary experience. Conviction of drug possession for certain drugs (such as cocaine or heroin) carries a potential life sentence. Clearly these charges can negatively, and permanently, alter your life.

At times like these, you need the support of a skilled criminal defense attorney in Abilene, TX. Their expertise can provide you with any one of a number of defenses that can help ensure your rights are protected and your best interests are served, both inside and outside court.

An Abilene criminal defense lawyer may argue that the drugs were not in your possession.

We here at the Law Offices of David M. White know that many times, those accused of drug possession were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. In these situations, it may be possible for your criminal defense attorney to argue that the drugs were not, in fact, in your possession. Perhaps they belonged to the owner of the car you were borrowing, or maybe you did not know what was in the bag that was handed to you. By questioning whether or not you knew of the drugs and willingly gained access to them, your attorney may be able to build a defense to the drug possession charges against you.

An Abilene criminal defense lawyer may argue that your rights were violated.

Ensuring that your constitutional rights are respected is one of the key goals of an Abilene criminal defense lawyer. For example, no one has the right to search your home or property without a warrant or just cause. If your drug charges are based on unlawful search and seizure, your defense attorney may be able to identify the constitutional violation and use it in your defense.

That is why here at the Law Offices of David M. White we always examine your case carefully to ensure that due process was followed and that your rights were respected. We will also examine the chain of evidence for any errors, and ensure that you were read your rights and that all of your rights were followed throughout the arrest and process of charging you. And if they were not, we will aggressively defend your rights, in court if necessary, including pushing for the exclusion of evidence improperly obtained.

An Abilene criminal defense lawyer may argue that the substance does not qualify as a controlled substance.

Occasionally, someone may be charged with drug possession in Abilene for having a substance that does not qualify as a controlled substance under Texas law. For example, a drug may have a new drug application, be a prescribed medication, or may not even be a drug at all (certain powders can look similar to drugs like cocaine). At times like this, your Abilene criminal defense lawyer can argue that the substance is not in fact controlled and that therefore, your drug possession charges should be dismissed.

An Abilene criminal defense lawyer will argue for your best interests.

No matter what defense your criminal defense attorney uses, here at the Law Offices of David M. White, you can be sure that we will always pursue your best interests. Whether this means defending you in court, working to get charges reduced or dropped, or negotiating for a fair plea deal, we can help you to find hope in the midst of a drug possession charge. And that can mean a better outcome for an otherwise scary situation.

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