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Abilene Personal Injury Attorney

Nobody plans for an accident. When those accidents result in serious injuries, many people do not have the resources necessary to pay for expensive medical procedures, rehabilitation costs and other expenses while they recover. If those accidents were caused by the negligent actions of others, you shouldn’t have to pay for the repercussions.

At the Law Offices of David M. White, our Texas personal injury lawyers represent the rights of injury victims and their families. Whether they have suffered motor vehicle accident or workplace injuries, we use our legal skills and experience to handle their case.

Common Injury Lawsuit Questions

Do I need a lawyer for my personal injury case?

Though not all personal injury cases require an attorney, there are certain cases when hiring an experienced lawyer will be beneficial for you. If you’ve been injured from someone else’s negligence whether it be a car accident injurymedical malpractice or any other type of accident, we strongly advise you to seek an expert.

Personal injury cases you can handle without an attorney:

  • If you live in a no-fault state. Unless you have sustained severe and high cost injuries, you are not legally allowed to sue. No-fault claims have a limit to the amount of compensation you can recover, so hiring an attorney may not be worth it.
  • If you have already received the maximum settlement amount. If you have received compensation for the highest possible amount that an insurance policy will pay, hiring a lawyer to fight for a larger verdict will not be worth it.

What are the benefits of hiring a personal injury attorney?

  • An experienced personal injury/accident lawyer can defend you against big name auto insurance companies that don’t always have your best interest at heart.  
  • If the person at fault for your injuries refuses to pay the claim – or if their insurance company doesn’t pay the full claim, a personal injury attorney will seek the full compensation you deserve.
  • An attorney has the knowledge necessary to understand your case and know how much your claim truly deserves. As the best Texas personal injury attorneys, we will spend the necessary time to analyze your injuries, and negotiate for an appropriate settlement.
  • A dedicated attorney has the time to spend on your case, that you may not. They will be able to fully evaluate the evidence in your case and look for any and all areas for compensation.

Can I hire an attorney after already taking steps independently?

  • Yes! Often times our clients have already began the claims process – and realize shortly after the stress surrounding the situation and the amount of money they are spending in medical bills.

How do I know if my case is big enough to consult an attorney?

  • The Law Offices of David M. White handles cases big and small. From car accidents to workplace injuries or medical negligence, we are equipped to handle all cases – there is no case too small to file.

How soon should I file a lawsuit after my injury?

  • You must file a lawsuit before the statute of limitations expires – this varies depending on the case. However, it’s best to file your claim immediately following an injury causing accident.

What damages am I entitled to recover?

  • This will greatly depend on the case itself. Compensation will cover the medical treatment for your injuries, lost wages, as well as general damages including pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life. In the unfortunate event of a motor vehicle collision, you will be able to recover damages for your vehicle.

Do I have to pay for an initial meeting with the Law Offices of David M. White?

  • No. The Texas personal injury attorneys at David M. White offer free case evaluations. If you think that you have a potential claim, call our office at 325-437-3311

Contact our Abilene Personal Injury Lawyer

At our law firm, we pursue every option to obtain compensation for medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation, and the pain and suffering our clients have endured. We represent anyone who has suffered catastrophic injuries as a result of:

We are experienced with workers’ compensation claims for those who have been injured on the job. We aggressively pursue our clients’ right to compensation from all negligent parties, whether that includes employers, insurance companies, private individuals or medical professionals.

Our firm is also well-known for representing clients who have been unfairly denied coverage by their insurance companies. We work with a variety of experts in the field to hold tight-fisted insurance companies to their agreements with our clients. If necessary, we will sue bad-faith insurance companies in court for compensation and damages.

If you or a loved one have suffered a severe injury due to the negligence of someone else, our experienced Texas personal injury lawyers can help. Contact us online, or call 325-437-3311 or toll free at 855-437-3311 to schedule a free initial consultation. Our main office is in Abilene, but we have a branch office in San Angelo which is by appointment only. For personal injury cases, there are no attorney fees or other expenses owed unless we win your case.

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