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A criminal record can have a negative impact on your life, making it difficult to get jobs, volunteer, or avoid social stigma. That is why, for some individuals, criminal record clearing is a helpful step.

Here at the Law Offices of David M. White, our Abilene and San Angelo criminal record clearing attorney offers expungement services to assist qualified individuals with removing their criminal records.

Types of Record Cleaning Options

We offer two types of services for clearing criminal history in Texas:

  • Expungement/Expunction (Record Erasing)
  • Nondisclosure (Record Sealing)

You can start the record clearing process today by calling (325) 221-4421 or completing our online contact form.

    What is Expungement?

    Expunction means your criminal record for a certain offense is deleted altogether. If your Petition for Expunction is granted, the State of Texas must delete or destroy all records that are related to the offense.

    These records include the following:

    • Jail records (including mugshots)
    • All online records of the offense
    • Any paper files that may exist
    • The prosecutor’s files
    • All records that the clerk of the court may have

    Once your record is expunged, it is completely erased. It is as if you were never charged with the offense in the first place. No one will have any record of the offense, and you are legally entitled to say you have never even been arrested.

    Am I Eligible for Expungement?

    You may be eligible to have your case expunged if the following occurred:

    • You completed Pretrial Diversion
    • You were arrested, but your case was not prosecuted (i.e. it was rejected or never filed)
    • Your case was dismissed
    • You were granted deferred adjudication for certain Class C misdemeanors

    Determining whether you are eligible for expunction is an involved process. Our Abilene and San Angelo criminal record clearing attorney will determine whether you qualify for expunction prior to accepting your case. This evaluation is free of charge.

    In addition, if we determine you are eligible, we offer a money-back guarantee on our services. Our fees for expunction vary but are typically $950 to $1,500.

    What is a Nondisclosure?

    Nondisclosure means your criminal record is sealed from public view. Government entities can still see your record, but the public cannot, including private employers.

    If your Petition for Nondisclosure is granted, the following records will be sealed:

    • Jail records (including mugshots)
    • All online records of the offense
    • All other records the public may have access to

    Once your Petition for Nondisclosure is granted, applicable records are completely sealed, and you are legally entitled to say that you have never been charged with the offense. You may be eligible for nondisclosure if you completed deferred adjudication probation.

    Deferred adjudication probation means that you entered a plea but the judge deferred a finding (adjudication) of guilt for the period of probation, and then dismissed the charge once probation was completed.

    Nondisclosure is available for the most common misdemeanor offenses, but there are exceptions and certain waiting periods may be required. Our criminal defense attorney will determine whether you qualify with a free consultation. We also offer a money-back guarantee for our nondisclosure services. Our fees for nondisclosure vary but are typically $750 to $1,250.

    Call us at (325) 221-4421 for an exact quote. Payment plans are available.

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